What to Expect from Zhú Spiced Rum

Your Zhú Spiced Rum Experience

We’re glad to see you again. Following our previous article Introducing Zhú Spiced Rum we thought we would share more about what to expect from Zhú Spiced Rum.

A spiced rum for the adventurous

Expect to be unexpected, Zhú Spiced Rum is best served over ice and this will be an experience like you’ve never had before.

Zhú Spiced Rum is built on Sharing, a core value of our brand. We are a group of friends that have shared an experience crafting a rum and building a brand that reflects our friendship, and we have had friendship front of mind. Our elegant bevelled bottle with a premium bamboo emblem front and centre is a reminder to everyone that our most memorable experiences are usually when shared with others.

Fortune favours the bold

Be adventurous with Zhú Spiced Rum and enjoy the journey it takes you on with every sip. As ambassadors of Zhú Spiced Rum ourselves, we are still on the journey finding new ways to enjoy our unique craft blend of spices paired with surprising flavours in exciting cocktails.

With aniseed sweetness from star anise, a balance of warming and cooling notes from cinnamon and Schezuan peppercorns, you’ll find yourself exploring new ways to enjoy Zhú Spiced Rum in every serve.

Like-minded partners

Keep a look out in future articles as we share more stories about our good friends in the industry, from those who provide you with bold, sustainable packaging to those who developed our iconic Zhú Spiced Rum bottle.

Zhú Spiced Rum is available from our website in 70cl bottles and smaller sample bottles, with limited bottles remaining from our second batch.

Try something new. Embrace the bamboo. We are Zhú.

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