Getting to Know Zhú Spiced Rum

Introducing Zhú Spiced Rum

Hello! Introducing our first blog article where we want to share more about Zhú Spiced Rum – our story, our values and our journey!

Where it all began

2020 was an unforgettable year for many, and for us as a few friends from Leicester, we took an innocent idea of making our own spiced rum into a business where we went ‘all in’. We’ve crafted our personalities into a brand we think many will enjoy and made some great memories during the pandemic perfecting our own spice blend and building the brand it is today.

Why we did it

Spiced rum has been an incredibly disruptive player in the spirits market, recently becoming the largest growing spirit category in the UK. With an ever-increasing choice of ”vanilla-sweet” rums, we felt the market was ready for a flavour with more depth and versatility than your usual rum and cola.

We’ve painstakingly crafted a spice blend that is best enjoyed simply over ice, but also holds its own in a premium mixer or an elegant cocktail. Expect to be unexpected, as your palette is taken on a journey through the five spices inspired by East Asia and we wanted to produce a flavour so iconic, you will have to return for more.

Why Zhú?

Zhú means bamboo, and we have incorporated the symbolism and imagery of bamboo through our bottle and our brand. Bamboo is known to be one of the most resilient plants in the world, staying strong through turbulent environments and as an ethos, we love the symbolism of staying strong as a community through tough times.

Zhú Spiced Rum is available from our website as a 70cl bottle or as a taster bottle, keep a look out for future articles on our production, values and exciting news for the future.

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